Revised: June 14, 2021

General data and power calculation

  • Kingdom data service will need to be prepared before defined collection date. Hence if refund request is 2 days before the the defined season start date, we will deduct 30% setup fees and administration fee to cancel the scheduling. No refund will be given if cancel 1 day before the scheduled date. Any future dates purchased will be refunded fully.

KvK season subscription

  • If subscription is cancelled prior to 14 days before the start of KvK, we will deduct 5% payment transaction cost.

  • We will deduct 30% setup fees and administration fee to cancel the scheduling once the subscription is "activated".

    A subscription is considered "activated" when:

    • Rewarded ROKBoard Point balance has been claimed for "Pre-season Kingdom Service Plus" Addon analysis.
    • Purchased analysis been fulfilled in "Pre-season Kingdom Service Plus" Addon.
    • If no "Pre-season Kingdom Service Plus" Addon analysis is used, KvK season subscription is activated when within the 14 days before the KvK start date.
  • Once analysis service has started with KvK season, cancellation of service will deduct 30% setup fees and administration fee to cancel the scheduling, and services that has already online will not be refundable. This is due to once the information is online the service of that transaction is deem completed, upon cancellation we cannot retrieve the value of our analysis service. Any future service days can be refunded based on the proposition of the remaining days.

  • No refund will be provided after KvK has entered first war event, for example, the pass 4 open for KvK season 1 and 2, first war on Ancient Ruins open.

  • If purchase is done at middle of the KvK and KvK has entered the major war event, no refund will be given.

  • Once the subscription is cancelled, the whole service will be stopped and the user will no longer have access to our analysis tool. This includes the analysis of data that is already been collected as the service and the tool is a whole of the use of our subscription.

Pre-season Kingdom Service Plus

  • Cancellation can only be done at least 1 day prior to the scheduled date. Please contact ROKBoard support to make the arrangement Contact Us.

KvK Season - Individual Governor KvK Tracker

  • This service is NOT refundable.

    This is due to the existing analytical information are available for the buyer as soon as this service is purchased. And once the information is already released to the buyer we cannot retrieve the value of our service upon cancellation.

Top up value

  • Refund can be arranged on any unused/unallocated top up balance, we will deduct 5% payment transaction cost at original top up value.